2018 has officially begun and the farm is in full swing! Lupine is starting off with a hefty dose of "new" this year. New website, new animals, and lots of "new to Lupine" produce! 

This time of the year is always a mix of feelings. Excitement for the unfolding season and nervousness about the things that could seemingly go wrong. My goals for this season have been set, but allowance for failure is always factored in. Farming has 100% taught me that you must account for failure! Failure has been deemed with such a negative pretext, I have come to happily and honestly welcome it with open arms. Without failing there are things you simply can not learn.

I tend to be hard on myself, especially when I fail at a task, and that thinking eventually led me to thinking negatively whenever I wasn't succeeding. Since I began farming I noticed that failure was actually a way to see the bigger picture. I have a totally new plan for the farm this year, new ways of designing the garden, and a new mindset of exactly what I want this farm to be like this year. All those "new" things came about because something went wrong, or failed previously.

It is my goal for Lupine to be ever learning and changing as a farm. I want each year to be a "new" opportunity to grow. I want this blog to be a place where I can show accomplishments with just as much integrity as I show my failures. I fail a lot-but I'm accomplishing more. 


owner, Lupine and Poppies