A little bit about the land where poppies bloom...

Lupine and Poppies is a small-scale farm operating out of historic franklin, TN by Lauren Peterson and family. 

We at Lupine hold high standards from seed to harvest, and, using organic methods, we guarantee to present our produce to you free of anything unpronounceable.

We grow many varieties of vegetables that will challenge you to think outside the box, along with staples like the beloved home-grown heirloom tomato. 

Nashville businesses such as Dinner Belle, Rolf and Daughters, and Bastion have used produce from Lupine, and it's our hope you entrust us to produce the produce for your cooking endeavors, as well.

We are a farm that, like our produce, is growing. 2018 brings organic pork, an expected increase in the availability of farm-fresh eggs, and hopefully, your support! 

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Lauren on the farm-Lupine and Poppies.JPG

Please contact us with any inquiries regarding produce sales or volunteer information.